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Creekside Creative Academy believes in the value of providing authentic learning experiences for all students. The Academy is a Reggio-Emilia inspired program that incorporates many of the ideas and beliefs into the everyday learning that occurs. We recognize that children come with their own set of strengths and potential; it is the educator’s job to recognize each child’s potential and move them forward on their continuum of growth and development. 

Creekside Creative Academy passionately believes in authentic learning experiences and there is nothing more authentic than the outside world and nature. Elements of forest school are a large focus at Creekside Creative Academy. All students visit the outdoors for learning opportunities and exploration at the forested area on and adjacent to the property daily with considerable portions of the day spent outside.

We are an Accredited Funded Independent School through Alberta Learning that has the goal of meeting and exceeding all student outcomes outlined by the Provincial Program of Studies.  Through utilizing Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum and GOLD Assessment Development and Learning continuum, children experience developmentally appropriate practice through meeting the widely held expectations by learning through hands-on, meaningful experiences. We weave content learning into the students’ daily explorations and activities so that they can more easily make connections between what they already know and what they learn. 

Developing the whole-child allows children to build a strong foundation for their future educational and life-long skills and needs. At Creekside Creative Academy we focus on the main developmental domains including Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Social-Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and The Arts. All areas and subjects are taught inside and outside to offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences to the students. 

To understand more about the different levels of Independent Schools within Alberta, please visit Private schools | 

We are happy to announce that we are an Accredited Funded Independent School which means your child will receive:

  • instruction from certificated teachers

  • their learning based on the Alberta programs of study, which we aim to meet and exceed

  • their program overseen by a principal who is also a certificated teacher



Small-class sizes, individualized programming, outdoor experiences, and a different approach to learning and assessment allows all students to succeed and thrive at Creekside Creative Academy and beyond. It is our pleasure and role to teach children to become creative, confident thinkers.

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